300 Blackout pistol build

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Jun 22, 2017
Western usa
Yes, I saw that option. But I’m going with the KAK shockwave brace. I’m sure that SB is over $200.00 by itself. I’m looking for lower options without the brace.
the palmetto has magpul grip vs the regular grip on the anderson. palmetto has magpul trigger guard more rounded to have extra room for gloved vs the flat bar on the anderson. palmetto has their nickel boron coated enhanced polished trigger and hammer vs the standard trigger group on the anderson. if you're looking for the least costly option right now the anderson should work fine, but if you were going to update the trigger group and grip and trigger guard to what comes on the palmetto it would add up to more than the price difference plus you'll need to do the install.
I’m starting to see your point about the SB Tactical PDW brace. It looks like the best option. It’s just too bad about the cost. I’ll end up paying the same extra $200.00 I would for an SBR. At least there’s no 6 month wait & NFA paperwork.
My friend did that same upper with a Shockwave blade. He loves it. No issues with the gun. I’m thinking about doing the same upper. PSA has an MOE plus EPT lower kit that I want to use to build my lower, but it’s out of stock. It’s basically the lower parts kit, minus the buffer tube, spring and stock, but it has the overmold grip, and enhanced polished trigger.
They both get rave reviews. The SB unit is just bigger & maybe easier to adjust. This stock vs brace issue is really a distinction without a difference. ATF should not even be in the loop. Their job is to enforce the law not write it.
You need to proceed VERY carefully. If you bought the lower in your original post,you are then in possession of an unregistered short barrel rifle, looking at 10 years in federal prison. You would be much better off buying exactly what you want, up front. The receiver extension cannot have any holes in it (6 position) to mount a regular stock. It needs to be a specific pistol extension only, that can mount a slide on kak pistol "stabilizer". Why .300 blk? Expensive ammo, won't get much use. Get a 5.56 unless you have a .30 cal supressor. And dont possess that short barrel upper before you buy the pistol lower. You want to be in possession of the lower before you take possession of the upper, especially considering you already have other AR rifles.
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