235k mile BMW - different oil or stick with same?

Yep went out about Midnight and stayed off until 9AM.
That why we have a woodstove. Though I was going to have to find the old Coffee Pot and put it on the stove.

We just got ours back a short time ago. No wood stove though. Wished we had one.
I am in the hospital for a surgery and was up all night on pain killers trying to entertain myself. Pretty sure this popped up in “similar threads” which made me think it was recent
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Its a BMW with 235k.... running 20w50 or 10w40 conventional oils with 1qt/3k consumption with 235k miles????? I don't have a brand preference. So, if you can't find your 20w50 conventional Castrol, use any other!

With what I've seen with so-many 40k-70k mile domestics/asian/euro cars burning a quart every 1k miles, I wouldn't worry about your BMW's consumption.

Stick with what you're doing. Keep the intervals sane. Keep the oil level full.

If it were mine, I would consider a 15w40 HDEO, or the 10w40 20w50 motorcycle oils. I use and recommend synthetic but obviously, you don't need it and proved it.

LL might be overrated especially for those with eternal oil change intervals and 1/2 empty sumps. And, if the interval is shortened, why bother?

I would never consider running the oil more than 7500 miles and I don't care how fancy the oil or full flow filter is... enviro marketing has taken over mechanical common sense.