2023 Toyota Venza

So, I took a test-drive in a new 2023 Venza XLE. We want the base LE(cloth interior & 18" tires)~ $35K. We really like the style of the new VENZA.

To my surprise, the dealer sales rep offered to let me take it home and show my wife and let her give it a go as my wife wasn't able to come with me at that time. I was gone for almost 2 hours. I let the dealer sales consultant know that I was going to be gone for a while as I explained where I lived in conjunction to the dealership. NO PROBLEM! They had a copy of my drivers license and my car.

I can say that the VENZA is a very nice SUV. It rode very firm with the 225-55-19 tires without being HARSH. The base LE will have 225-60-18. The suspension rode very well over poorly paved roads and the body structure felt like a bank vault. It was very quiet but, the when the gas engine turns on, it can be a bit on the loud side but not as bad IMO as some YouTube reviewers have mentioned. However, the engine doesn't have the most pleasant sound/harmonics.

There is ECO, NORMAL & SPORT mode. I actually preferred ECO mode. :) It was just more smooth and linear. NORMAL was OK :whistle: and SPORT really woke up the engine.:giggle:...for what it is.

I found the car to be quite comfortable however the outward vision in the rear quarters is compromised compared to the boxier SUVs mostly due to the sloping rear hatch. Not a deal breaker. ATMOF, nothing is really a deal breaker as this is a more upscale SUV that is priced very close to the other mainstream compact SUVs. And meanwhile, I will test-drive the competition until a suitable VENZA arrives for purchase.

Are there things that I don't like? Sure there are, just like any vehicle. Things that are particular to us but others wouldn't care.

*There could be more space in the boot but that would require a redesign/restyle.
*I can still sit behind myself at 5'10"ish and cross my legs but other SUVs with this exterior dimensions will have more rear seat room.
*The start button is located in the bin beneath the infotainment system which take useable space in that cubby.
*The gas engine could be quieter/smoother the way Toyota's used to be.
*Only 1 year of remote engine start and then a subscription.

Should we end up buying the VENZA, I am hoping to get the quality & reliability that Toyota's are known for as I was extremely disappointed in my wife's '01 Lexus RX300. This $35K VENZA is a 10X better SUV than the $40K RX300 we paid for 22 years ago...when LEXUS was supposed to be in their heyday.
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As someone who owned a 2021 Venza for 6 months, I enjoyed the vehicle quite a bit. I traded it for my Maverick Hybrid mostly because the Maverick has a bed. The other main factor was the lack of handy storage up front. The motor is loud when pushed hard but that is only for a few seconds getting up to speed. The standard AWD worked well. My LE averaged 40 mpg while I had it. Used no oil and oil and filter are easy to change. I to thought it rode firm. Only issue I had was water would get past the seals in the bottom of the doors when driving through heavy rain. Enjoy it when it comes in.
UPDATE without starting another thread:

We have finally gotten our 2023 Toyota VENZA "LE". It took ~4 months(a short time compared to some). It arrived at the dealership on Saturday and we took delivery yesterday July 26th. We love it! 😍
It is not the pearl white(Windchill Pearl) that we would have liked($425 extra cost), it is the no extra cost champagne(Titanium Glow) with the the light gray interior.

The Titanium Glow Paint looks silver in one light(or the sun), champagne in another light, smokey gray in another and even mild pink in yet another light. The gray interior has 3 different tones of gray along with some black trim. Even where it would be black trim & dash components in the black interior, the gray interior(called BOLDER) has sewn in dark(er) gray.

The LE(w/18" wheels/tires) rides even better than the XLE & above trim with their 19" wheels/tires and it a very quiet, nice riding SUV. We are very happy thus far with our choice in vehicles. We now need to figure out all of the infotainment & other systems so that we can make changes without a fuss. I am not very good at posting pics so I'll just link the site with our choice. Click on " VIEW LARGER IMAGES"

The 2015 Altima in my signature will be sold by next week. It is sold it to the highest bidder(if you will). We just have to finalize the paperwork. I went to 7 different dealers(including our selling Toyota dealer) and took the best price. I DON'T want, nor do I have the time to sell it out of my driveway and don't want the hassle of dealing with people, test-drives, negotiations etc. I received a better than fair price for the car while there is still money to be had in this market.(key words-IN THIS MARKET).

It was actually easier driving to different dealers as they are all clustered in the same area and even CarMax.
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Congrats @CharBaby, but at this point you know that this thread is useless without pics. 😉
I know, I know! ;)
I always have trouble remembering how to post pictures.
The link has the exact trim level and paint color/interior color as what we bought.
I will post pics when we take some decent ones to share, possibly in another post.
Enjoy your new Venza. My '21 Venza is also titanium glow. Like you, l would have preferred the white. The titanium glow is interesting with the color changes in different lights.

My MPG's took a modest hit when l replaced the OEM Bridgestone Ecopia 225/55/19 tires.

Congrats on the new ride!

However, it’s BITOG. You have to be thinking “it.”

“It” = what brand oil and viscosity are you going to use down the road?
^^^For now, we have a Toyota service plan at no cost for for the first 2 years on every Toyota, which is an OCI at 10K miles(yeah right!) and a tire rotation every 5K. The engine requires 0W16. IDK what I'll use when I do the OCI. I have a stash of 0W20 full synthetic on hand.

There is a lot to learn about this Hybrid powertrain, the E-CVT and the E-AWD. The base infotainment system in the "LE" is enough to learn right now. Even though this VENZA is the base trim model(LE), it has more stuff than even my wife's Lexus RX she had previously, which come to think of it, cost more 22 years ago than our VENZA LE does today.
However the other trim levels of the VENZA(XLE & LIMITED) do in fact cost as much or more than the old RX did 22 years ago.

Back in 2001, our RX cost us(after our best deal, tax, license etc.), >$40K. This new VENZA out the door cost us < $38K 22 years later.
That first generation RX in my opinion, was a good SUV back then but not a good LEXUS. I've always thought that and I even thought it back in '01. But my wife loved it and had to have it. :love:
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Nice car. I saw a well-loved Venza this morning, with wayyy too big rims and low-pro tires, and I have to admit, it looked really good. It’s a great size
Nice car. I saw a well-loved Venza this morning, with wayyy too big rims and low-pro tires, and I have to admit, it looked really good. It’s a great size
IDK if the Venza that you saw had aftermarket wheels on it. Our VENZA "LE" has the standard 18" wheels/tires as compared to the upper trim levels with the 19". The "LE" rides better than the "XLE & LIMITED" that we test drove in March. Not that the those rode poorly, it's just that the "LE" ride better and more comfortable for our taste...a bit more relaxed, which is how we like our cars.

This VENZA is a vehicle that both my wife & myself agreed on. Other SUVs in this segment or even the compact segment have more rear seat & cargo room for their size. However, the VENZA is more than adequate & comfortable for passengers & cargo.

Toyota is marketing the VENZA to compete more with the midsize SUV segment(Murano, Blazer, SantaFe, Edge) due to having a more premium interior & style, even though the VENZA is in more of a compact SUV (RAV4, CRV, Rogue, Equinox/Terrain) in its size. And most likely a down market LEXUS NX. As so many YouTube auto reviewers have stated, the Venza is more of a luxury RAV4. Ours is very quiet, comfortable & nice riding.
I'll be sad to see our Altima leaving on Monday July 31st as it has been a wonderful car. But, I want to get money for the Altima while there is still money to be had in this market.
A local dealer offered me a decent price and I don't have to deal with potential buyers as my MIL is in Hospice and we are all just waiting for her time to pass. 😭
And there are too many other things going on in our lives to be dealing with potential buyers/shoppers, test drives, lowball offers etc.
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I’m not surprised the 18s ride better than the 19s. Tire sidewall height has a very big effect on ride quality. But the craze for the big rims is pushing the manufacturers towards low profile tires.
Oftentimes the models with bigger rims will have slightly softer suspension to compensate, however they still end up having a harsher ride.