2022 Renault Kwid - I didn't know you could still buy a car this basic


It gives Dacia Sandero vibes 🥰
You must be out of the country right now? That would be super cool getting a manual rental car. Definitely an interesting car to say the least by interesting I mean interesting looking. Don’t know if I could stand shifting left handed though.
Last time I rented one on a Greece Island, wife said she got real motion sick. The next island the rental guy let me pick auto or manual both for the same price. Yay.
I would for sure go for one of those if the price was right. Perfect for my local daily run around town driving. That is as much H.P. as the early vw beetles, or is it even more . Maybe if they put a turbo on it for USA sales?.
You just pretty much described the GR Corolla, I think.
i want one bad
almost 2000 lbs and almost 70 hp... my current ride is 5000lbs and 200hp, so this isn't much slower. im sure you enjoyed climbing hills at 55mph and 5000 rpm