2022 explorer 2.3 with 200 miles coolant smell

Run it through a car wash with undercarriage option. But 1st, removing the lizards, squirrels, cats, rats, mice, snakes, 'possums, and 'coons that made contact with the serpentine belt and exhaust.

Its a new car. Its not for you to worry about. Its sucks that you have to waste time at the dealership for a lookover.
Personally, I would do this. When the engine is cold, take a wax pen and make a mark on the overflow tank. A week later see if the level has dropped.
Any rustproofing sprayed on this vehicle?

I might swap rides for a day. You might be able to tell.
It's a Ford

Time to drop off at dealer.

Someone is leaking.

Problem now is the 'dealer work ethic'. So, good luck.

Its a lease. That is what some brands are only good for.... disposable short term ownership. Just be glad that you don't own it.
I had the exact same thing happen with a brand new Chevy Cruze that I BOUGHT (unfortunately)....It kept losing coolant and the odor of coolant was sickening.
The Chevy dealer couldn't find a problem and even denied there was such an issue with
the Cruze despite 200+ pages on the Cruze forum with people having the same issue.
My next two new vehicle purchases have been Ford's which have been problem free.

Now that Ford no longer sells cars....I'll probably buy a Mazda or Toyota next.
She said everything was fine on the way home. Maybe it burped some coolant out of the reservoir overflow? Gonna check the level when I get home.
On new vehicles, detailing products and ceramic spray waxes can also give off certain smells. Sometimes they get sprayed on the front and may get on the radiator or other components. Then the engine bay itself is thoroughly detailed. If you have no visible leaks and no loss of fluid in the reservoir, I wouldn’t worry about it at all for now.
Check to see if the reservoir has an evap cap.. and if it does, it might be too tight. it should be slight loose as to allow the coolants to vape out of the system, check the level also.. and if anyone has added or topped of the coolant, they could have added the wrong coolant. Might be a good idea to add a 18+ lbs hinged/leaver radiator cap too.

If one is not facular with an evap cap, Once installed correctly allows the system to vent or breath. Plus weather has a lot to do with this.. humidity or barometric pressure fluctuates the coolant. Driving to NC over the weekend, kept an eye on the coolant level as temps went from 50-60 down to the teens.. so the coolant level was fluctuating causing a small amount of the smell. again no big issue caused by the evap cap.
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New cars can have kinda funky smells sometimes as assembly lubes, detail products etc burn off.

I think that's part of why at pdi they are supposed to be warmed up to operating temp/ test driven 10 miles or so, but yeah that doesn't happen.