2019 Polaris Ranger Crew 1000XP

Het guys... bought this machine brand new, in July 2019. Its a 2019 Polaris Ranger Crew 1000. I changed the factory fill at 20 hours as recommended by the Polaris Dealer, refilled with Polaris 5w50 engine oil, and a genuine Polaris Oil Filter. Changed the oil again, 30 hours later, again with the same Polaris genuine OEM oil & filter.

I use the machine in Northern Michigan. In the summer it is very sandy and dusty. Probably average outdoor temperature of 70F. In the winter, it can be as cold as -30F or +30F. The machine has a heater and enclosed cab, so I do actually use it enough in the winter. I don't race it, but it does operate at very high RPM's. Its the CREW (6 seater) or as I like to call it, the school bus. lol. I usually cruise around 30-40mph, 5-6,500 RPMS (thats normal for these but seems so high doesnt it?!).

Now that I have 1000+ miles on it, and 80 hours, it is due for its 3rd oil change. I just purchased a Wix XP oil filter for it, and would like to steer away from the expensive Polaris oil, but am lost as to what oil I should use?? Given the info above, what is recommended?
I know in the 500cc Sportsmans a lot of people use Mobil 1 0W-40. Idk if that is good for your machine? Go on a Ranger forum and ask.
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Polaris 5w50 engine oil would probably be a synthetic. I would check and see if Mobil 1 5W50 Racing would meet the spec.

If not, I would turn towards Motul's 300 line, 5w50. But its probably not going to be any cheaper than Polaris oil, but Motul 300 is arguably one of the best oils made.

Looks like 10W50 is as low as they go for winter weight. But this is the best oil out for a "Shared" sump motorcycle engine.

300V² 4T FACTORY LINE 10W50 - Motul
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My new Gator calls for 10w30. Polaris seems to have special needs. Do they still require different oils for the front and rear diff?


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I would probably stick with the Polaris oil even though it's expensive. My fiancé's son has a 2015 900 Razr and he is super hard on it. He bought it new and has always used the Polaris 5W-50 oil and has not had any engine issues due to the oil. Just a broken belt once.

He just bought a new 2021 Ranger 1000 4x4 with the cab that has heat and AC, roll up side windows, winch, radio, and a front window the unlatches and pops up. Very nice rig. I'm sure he will be sticking with the Polaris oil in it as well.