2019 i30 Nline 1.6T and first service (1500km)

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I have a 2019 Accent with the same engine minus the turbo. My manual also states ACEA A5 for the GDi.
I went with Castrol Edge 10w30 which meets this spec and it was on sale for around $45 a bottle at SCA so that's waiting for the first service at 15k.
My first 1,500km 'service' didn't include an oil change, it was merely a look over. I ended up changing the oil and filter to Nulon Syn 5w30 and a Ryco Syntec filter at 5k because there was no way I was letting that glitter laden break in oil go another 10k!
Thanks for that. I think i would want to stick with 5w30 given Canberra winters a long lasting and get to -5c (-23f) and below for months on end.
It is interesting their 10w30 seems to fit the A5/B5 spec.
I'm thinking about changing the oil at 5k as well as opposed to paying extra for them to do it at the 1500km inspection service.
Break in oil? It is my understanding these cars come from the factory with a fully syn oil? Did you inspect the oil and filter and find any metal material?
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