2017 Ducati Supersport 939, Shell 15w50 3400mi

Feb 19, 2010
Western Massachusetts
My first oil change on this bike, I bought it with about 3k miles on it, 4kmi on it now. Unknown when the previous oil change was done or with what oil, but I suspect at the 600mi service by dealer with Shell Advance 15w50, had a Ducati filter on it. The oil was darker/used in color so I can only assume it had some miles on it. Changed it out with Rotella 5W-40 that I've had great luck with in my Honda Superhawk 996 v-twin streetbike. It's a good baseline though, and let me know there isn't any cause for alarm with hard parts. Tough to say by listening to a Ducati desmo engine, there's so much mechanical noise even when new! :-) [Linked Image]
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