2017 Avalon

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Nov 16, 2005
Rockwall, Texas
On July 30 I bought a new Toyota Avalon on year end close out. I used the Costco buying service and felt like I got a good deal. Under 29k for a list 35.5k car. This was real change for me after over 35 years in Mustang GTs. I wanted something better for road trips for my wife and me. At 65, I had lost some interest in sporty cars. Plus, my wife didn't like the manual trans in the Mustang. I normally only drive about 8k a year but I already have 5k on the new car as we have taken some trips already. This is a real luxury car to me yet it is quite powerful. I put it in sport mode for crisper shifts and quicker kick down. The suspension is soft but handling is still good. The economy is great with 31 mpg on Texas 75 mph interstates. I call it the Dislexus because it is a Lexus for the Hoi Polloi. I get free oil changes at 10k and 20k but I couldn't stand it and changed at 5k myself. I was a little intimidated by the cartridge filter but found it to be easy. It took 6.5 qts of Mobil 1 to hit the full mark so it drained really well as 6.4 is listed as capacity. I used the Toyota filter and the filter wrench from the dealer. I was also pleased with Toyota of Rockwall. They give free washes and vacuum at any time. I inspected their car wash and found the brushes to be very soft. Overall I am very pleased.
Congrats to the new ride. What color is it? I rode in many Avalons over the years & truly a "beautiful" car in every way/shape and form.
The quality of the camrys and avalons are very nice, Be nice on maintenance and that car will last you a good long time.
It is the best feeling when you get a new car and really really enjoy it.
Congratulations! My wife and I have a 2005 Avalon we bought brand new in '05 and yes, it's a smooth riding car with awesome gas mileage and a powerful engine. It has 95,000 miles on it and I just changed the spark plugs and coil packs as one coil pack failed in cylinder #1 a few months ago. It still drives like a champ. I change oil every 5,000 miles with M1 HM but will send Blackstone Labs a sample for UOA to see if I can extend the OCI. Next project in a few days is to replace the driver's side wheel bearing thanks to Honolulu's finest roads.
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I put it in sport mode for crisper shifts and quicker kick down.

Your transmission will last longer if you leave it in sport mode too.
It is silver in color. I added the side moldings for a little protection along with the film on the front end. I like the new safety features, especially the self pacing cruise control.
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Very nice car, congrats! Someone on here posted about a relative's Avalon. I'll see if I can find the thread.

edit: here it is:


Yup, that's my aunt's car (I live with her so I drive it often, including a 5k mile road trip last summer)

She's still happy with it, almost 19k miles. What she doesn't like is the info-tainment system, it's not very user friendly and the features aren't that great. But it's good enough and sounds good. The car is extremely comfortable, like a couch on wheels. And the power, WHOA! That thing can move!
I have a 2011 Avalon with 140,000 miles. Consumer reports rates Avalon No 1 reliability across the board in all years. If I keep it on cruise control at 65 mph I can get 35 mpg on a flat road with no traffic.

My only complaint is I am getting road noise over 70. I think it is because they skimp on the heavy sound proofing to give people a reason to buy a much more expensive Lexus.
I find the Av too low for me to comfortably enter and egress. I am only 5'7". Also the engine vibe at idle is apparent through the steering column, so no fancy engine mounts in this car. Maybe Lexus has them.
Very nice indeed. I'm right down the road in Greenville. I hope that dealer has a better service department than the one in McKinney as I'll be trying them soon myself.
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I put it in sport mode for crisper shifts and quicker kick down.

Your transmission will last longer if you leave it in sport mode too.

Why's that?
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