2016 Nissan NV

Aug 12, 2012
Southern IN / North central, KY
I purchased a clean 83k mile Nissan NV 1500 for my HVAC business today. It has the VQ40 V6

Anyone here own one of these and have any suggestions as far as problems to lookout for/service tips?

It’s been fleet maintained and runs/drives excellent. I plan to service the differential, transmission, and continue normal oil changes with otc synthetics.


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Very nice and best of luck. My father was a shop manager before retiring he had nothing but good to say about those Van's
How is this a dinosaur? Its newer than Econoline and GM designs. Not that there is anything wrong with those. Cargo vans are timeless!
Not manufactured for the U.S. anymore nor Canada. That fits the definition of dinosaur.The Titan will be next.

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Not manufactured for the U.S. anymore nor Canada. That fits the definition of dinosaur.The Titan will be next.

I actually tried to order a new 22 Express Cargo but I couldn’t get one. GM is Not producing them right now and won’t start again until the fall as 23 models.

The NV was the best deal I could find in a month of looking as it had $4000 of HVAC specific shelving in the back and an Adrain steel easy access ladder rack. I shopped NV, Express, transit, sprinter, promaster (less so). I was basically looking for the best condition/value as they are all $$$$
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It should be noted that commercial vans got hit the hardest in terms of supply/demand/chip shortage drama. Finding anything decent has got to come with an usually high price.
These have been popular with local locksmiths for a few years now. They all seem to love them. My friend has a nicely equipped high top with a 5.6 and drives it all day everyday. He hasn't had any major issues. I've ridden in it and the front cab area is nicer and better NVH than an E-Series or Express.
I have always said (well, for the last few years) that I would rather have one of these then a cab over, due to the easier maintenance access.

Plus, the Nissan 5.6 V8 is a beast!