2007 Vulcan Engine - MotorCraft/Napa Gold

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Jan 2, 2007
I have an 07 Taurus (Vulcan engine) I have been using the Motorcraft, FL-400s or whatever it is. I have seen people say the design helps the start up noise, etc. because the way FORD recommends the set up(something with the bypass, in the front?) Question is, I can get the Napa Gold for the price, what would you all recommend? Should I stay with the Motorcraft or does the Napa GOld have the same up front design ( or wix ) etc? Oil is Motorcraft Syn Blend or Mobil1 (5w20) and will be anywhere from 4-5k for miles.
For most 5,000 mile oil change intervals the Motorcraft 5W-20 and their Motorcraft oil filter will serve you just fine. If you want to do longer OCI's then a full synthetic and a filter such as NAPA GOLD will enable you to go longer. How much longer depends upon your driving circumstances. Getting an UOA will help in determining the length of the OCI.

Most NG/WIX filters have the open end bypass. I'm unsure of the 51516. You should be able to tell by looking down the center tube.

Ford engine division obsesses on this matter. Most others do not.
51516 does have the open ended bypass as well as a sil drainback valve.

I would recommend sticking with the fl-400s, but wouldn't hesitate to use the 51516
Just two quick comments. Technically there wasnt a 2007 Taurus and the engine is a Duratec not the pushrod Vulcan.

As GA said its just one of those things Ford obsesses over. I've seen Ford engines go 200k with the only top end bypass filter being the original one.
I'm pretty sure its exactly the one I'm thinking about. 2007 was a switchover year from the Five Hundred back to the Taurus. And I know it says 3.0 but I'm betting thats the Duratec not the old pushrod Vulcan that came in the Taurus years ago that was mostly phased out except for their trucks.
They made a 2007 Taurus with ONLY the vulcan engine, the duratec was not an option. This 2007 vehicle was sold ONLY to fleets, not to the public. What you are thinking of is the 2007 Five Hundred, not the Taurus. The "taurus" came out in 2008, built off of the Five Hundred, they just changed the name, the image below is a 2007 Taurus


What you are thinking of is this


or this

robl, the Spock motor is as close to indestructible as you can get. I'll bet you could stuff a roll of TP into a coffee can and use it for 10k OCIs and that motor wouldn't care. Use the NAPA Gold with no worries.
Originally Posted By: robl
They made a 2007 Taurus with ONLY the vulcan engine, the duratec was not an option. This 2007 vehicle was sold ONLY to fleets, not to the public.

Ok that clears it all up. As I said there wasnt an "official" 2007 Taurus so I wasnt sure you knew what you had under there.
I'm surprised that the Vulcan is still in production. First, it's a great engine ..which means that someone will have to trash can it. Second, how can Ford afford to have two power plants of like displacement ..the Duratech obviously being more "modern".
Doesn't the V6 Vulcan come as the standard package in the Mustang also?

I too am supprised that they are still producing the Vulcan. Although I am glad that they are. I have a '02 Taurus with one.

The only thing I can think of is that they have much invested in the supply chain, and so many Vulcan's on hand, that changing the supply line is more expensive than changing what they have.
Originally Posted By: Gary Allan
Second, how can Ford afford to have two power plants of like displacement ..the Duratech obviously being more "modern".

So they can confuse us with filter choices - the Duratec using the FL820S and the Vulcan the FL400S. Shoulda' seen me trying to fit that FL820S, which I'd been using on my old '05 Freestyle's engine, on the replacement '08 Taurus X's 3.5.
The Mustang uses the Cologne v6 which is now available in pushrod and OHC models depending on vehicle I believe.
It's just odd that two like displacement engines could be found in the same chassis. I never knew which 3.0 people were talking about when they just said they had a Taurus with a 3.0. My daughter's 91 had a 3.0 Vulcan and I've seen it interlaced with the Duratech since then. I can't see the average Taurus buyer seeking out a Vulcan or Duratech in the purchase nor a particular dealer specifying it in his/her ordering.

I guess Ford distributed the demand/production between the two for some odd reason. Maybe to take up the slack for the Vulcan demand in some other chassis.
Only the fleet vehicles got the Vulcan after like 98 I think. As much as I've liked the Vulcan since I had one in a 1st gen Probe you really cant beat the smoothness of the Duratec.
The vulcan is a great engine cuz it's reliable and a rock. And you could always get the Vulcan until 2007, then it was for fleet vehicles only.
I looked for a Vulcan on purpose. EAA202 for an air filter in it BTW.

A later model Tortoise is a good buy for someone looking for a fairly reliable, roomy, large sedan, with a decent crash rating. I only paid ~$5,000 for my 04 with 61K miles on it and leather........talk about depreciation!!!!!!! Even if my poor AX4N gives up the ghost....I think I'll still be ahead of the game.

Of course, I have to fight off all the hot babes trying to get in my car.....which really annoys my wife of 12 years...
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