2007 Sienna UOA - ATF WS - 95,798 interval; 304,298 total miles

May 5, 2022
Elizabethtown, KY
2007 Toyota Sienna with 304,298 miles. ATF interval 95,798 on WS ATF "lifetime" fluid. History as follows:
Van purchased at 110,113 miles. Pan dropped, filter changed, and complete ATF exchange done at 113,263.
A complete exchange was done again at 208,500. Both exchanges done at dealership and ATF-WS was used.
Radiator replaced at 297,608 and a small amount of Idemitsu TLS-LV was added. No other make-up amounts have ever been needed for the life of the van.
Current service was not a complete exchange, but a "spill and fill" from the drain plug. Idemitsu TLS-LV was used to replace what was drained.
Transmission shifts same as always, with an annoying insistence on dropping into 1st at a yield sign when 2nd would be better. Otherwise, very nice.

UOA Sienna ATF 050822.jpg
Thanks for this. I have the same fluid in mine currently. It does like to downshift at weird times once in awhile....not sure if it's the fluid or the nature of the AT.