2006 Model Year Owners Soundoff

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Jan 30, 2006
For those who own a 2006 model year vehicle please soundoff with the preffered oil weight either from the owners manual or filler cap.
2006 SCION tC 2.4L 4: Was: 5w30 Now: 5w20 Toyota released a TSB stating the change. Not sure yet if I will switch. Scott [ April 30, 2006, 12:11 AM: Message edited by: ScottB ]
Jetta GLI (2.0T) - 5w40 meeting VW 502 00 (5w30 or 0w40 also OK as long as it meets VW 502 00).
06 Toyota Tundra oil cap 5w 30. Owners manual 5w 30. Goes on to state 10w 30 may be used but to change it out next oil change.
Subaru Forester. 5w-30 on cap and in engine. Would like to thin that down a bit, and am watching UOA's of someone with the same engine to see how their results go before I do it.
2006 Civic coupe, Honda USA recommends 5W20, but Honda Japan recommends 0W20 for best fuel economy, so I'm using Mobil 1 0W20.
I should add that (after much deliberation, imagine that) I will also go with M1 0W-20 in my Hondas due to numerous short trips and my impending move to a 'colder' climate. I realize this basically invalidates my last 37 posts, but for BITOG that is not uncommon.
06 Acura TSX Manual/cap advise 5w-30 EXACT same car/engine in Europe 0w-40 I want to use the 0w-40 but I don't want a problem with any warranty issues so I'll stay with the 5w-30.
2006 Toyota Tacoma 2006 Toyota 4 runner 1grfe v-6 Sl 5w30 ISLAC energy conserving for 5k 6 mo intervals I will be using Tropartic 5w30 It will be interesting how the two engines will track for me since the Tacoma has a tow package and an oil cooler and the 4 runner does not.
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