2005 Corolla with better body

I'd pay $6500 for it here in the rust belt.

131K on one of these with no rust ... It should have easily another 150-200k miles in it. As long as it doesn't rust ... which it shouldn't in CA.
Looks like they weren't scared to spend for good tires. That's a good sign they were willing to maintain it IMO. Mismatched tires are a big red flag for me.
Agree. When I see cheapo rubber I consider it a sign that they have done minimal care care. With Michelin, they probably went to Costco... All in, I am happy with the car. Happier now that the BITOGers have approved...
Nice buy, certainly within reason in today's market. If the wheel really bugs you (it would me too) there's probably a wheel repair shop near you that could refurb it for under $200, most dealers could refer you to one if a internet search "wheel repair shop near me" doesn't turn up something. I'd also add a break fluid flush to your brake service. Again, think you grabbed a good one, the other one you were looking at was too much "some assembly required "
I'd just hand sand the rough wheel and prime and spray bomb it silver and then a use "wheel" clear coat. I found the rustoleum silver matches close enough to any silver wheels I've done and the paint stayed on until the car was gone.
Nice buy! Best gen Corolla imo. Does it have the side airbags and curtain airbags? I got lucky that mine was both but most of the ones I see at the local yards without them.
Nice car and very dependable and easy to repair. I had a white one like yours and it was medical courier car. It had about 225,000 miles on it when I sold it. Those Corolla's are great cars.