2003 Honda Accord 3L V6 auto at 22K miles on rebuilt transmission, 10K OCI

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No, there was a thread on AcuraZine, under the 3G TL section about transmission failures.

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If Honda doesn't get its A/T act together soon it will become just another car company.

Having driven a 2005 Accord 4 cyl. with the 5 speed auto for 20,000 miles, I am very impressed..The transmission shifts very smoothly, and very quick and precise when you get on it. I just did a drain and fill on the FF. The fluid that came out was still quite red and did not feel gritty. I hope to keep it shifting this way for a long time. I don't abuse the car, I don't think I have ever floored it in 1st and let it rev out to redline. I do manually downshift from 5th to 3rd 3 to 4 time a month for quick bursts in 35-55MPH traffic. This car still surprises me with its more than adequate power, and the ease at with it can access it. I was going to buy a manual, this auto convinced me not to.
A Prelude Story

My wife's 88 Prelude SI automatic 4WS (boy is four wheel steering fun!) suffered transmission failure at 38,000 miles. Went from a four speed with lock-up to a two speed. Was like the old GM cars, but without the monster V-8 to make it work.
I had Amsoil ATF installed during overhaul. Oil analysis and 168,000 miles prove, I guess, Amsoil ATF is better than Honda transmission fluid.
As Terry recommended I replaced ATF Z1 with AutoGlide ATF Fluid Type Honda Z1 last weekend.

Ordered 3 x AutoGlide ATF Fluid Type Honda Z1 (1 Gallon) (AGE-ATF) $95.85, Shipping 27 lb $35 total $131.

I did drain and refill three times each time replacing about 3qt of fluid (total capacity is 7qt) so now there's still 1.3x qt of OEM ATF Z1 remaining.

After driving for more than two days I did not noticed any differences in shifting or anything else at all, may be just a tag better and smoother shifts (not even sure).
Actually never had any issues with shift quality at all - original tranny was working just fine till the moment it failed completely.

ATF level right now about 2mm higher then top mark do I really have to remove excess or that 2mm will make no difference?

Next I'll do virgin AutoGlide test (there's at least 1qt left in the bottle unused) and 10K later used one so I can compare them both so check back in 6 months or so.

Old ATF was very dark, almost black especially at first drain. Huge contrast with clear and semitransparent pinky AutoGlide. But once it set there for a mile or two (I did short runs around the block between drains so new and old fluids can be mixed better) it became same dark color again.
check out my voa for z1 I just posted. Your phosphorous seems to be through the roof. has anything other than z1 been used in this transmission ?
I found your thread when I was comparing the voa with other uoa's and I thought I'd post my observation.
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