$2000 truck in 2022

Played around with RPOcodes website. Fun stuff, and answered some of my questions. Here are some I found useful or interesting.
GU2 - 2.73 Axle Ratio (Does running 9% larger tires lower it to 2.48?)
K60 - 100 AMP alternator.
52U - "Jamaica Yellow" (92) exterior color.
60C/60I - "Med Cognac" interior cloth and trim.
Some of the codes I wasn't able to decipher. If you know what these are, then please chime in. They are X81/YET/6WN/7WN.


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Just when you think all is good, life throws a curveball your way... Every...single...time... 😞
Well, due to some unexpected medical bills, the truck is going to its new owner on Monday. To sell it quick had to price it at a break even point ($2700), so I guess that works out. Here are some final pictures of this beast, that gave me lots of good memories in our short time together.

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I always considered trucks unnecessary. Always looked for reasons to justify buying anything, but a truck. (Like c'mon... A Prius with a trailer will do the same or better.) But this deal was too good to pass up, so here we are. In the future I don't know how to live without a truck now...
Behold, 1990 GMC Sierra SL1500 (C1500), RWD, 4.3L TBI, TH400 3-speed auto, 34 gallon fuel tank. Officially a 1 owner truck, but that 1 owner was a VA school district, so many drivers for 32 years and 131k miles.
In less than 2 weeks of ownership I already racked up a little over 1500 miles... My right foot cruise control is getting tired on long hauls though... But that 8-foot truck bed must've seen at least 8000lbs, (that's underestimated) in these last 2 weeks. So far getting 17-19MPG, which in my opinion is pretty respectable, all things considered.
Here is today's little 6hr haul in the cheap ugly work truck. A ~350lbs scooter, 2001 Honda Reflex.
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So far aside from initial purchase price I did spent $750 on repairs/alterations. Original tires were dry-rotted badly. Replacement tires were quoted at $450. So instead I spent that $450 on 1.5" wheel spacers and 5 fresh take-off wheels from a Jeep Gladiator with only 210 miles on the tires. With old 235/75/15 speedometer was dead on correct with GPS speed. With these new 245/75/17 speedometer is 9% slow.
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Then And remaining couple hundred $ went into fixing the AC.

Not a Toyota or Crown Vic, so automatically not a BITOG favorite. But it'll do for a work truck.
Nice… now slap a GearVendors overdrive or a 4L60 in it and your mpg should be in the mid-20s!

The Gladiator rims look pimp on it!

Post-sale edit: D’oh! Too slow…