2000 mile oil changes?

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Oct 28, 2003
Rhode Island
I know that 2k oil changes are unnecassary, but my question is would 2k OCI with Castrol or penzoil conventional 5w20 offer similar protection to a synthetic at 5k OCI? I do not want to go past 5k miles while under warranty. My driving consists of some around town with a daily higway commute of 10 miles each way. The reason I am leaning towards staying wiyh conventional is the excellent UOA I have seen on this board with 5w20. I figure 2k OCI'S will also give me excellent engine cleanliness. By the way this will be on a 2003 F-250 with the 5.4 v-8. Any input would be greatly appreciated!
IMO, a quality conventional oil will protect just as good as any synthetic oil, just not as long. There should be no reason that you can't use 3-4k mile OCI's using a quality conventional oil - keep in mind that most 5w-20's are a synthetic blend. If you are looking for a clean engine and want to avoid any sludge, may I suggest a maint. dose of AutoRX with everyoil change? You can buy this with the money you are saving by not changing your oil every 2000 miles.
Pick a good 5w20 and run 3k, then do an analysis. If the UOA looks good, then just stick with it. I would imagine that most of the 5w20's are GII and GIII blend (at least motorcraft is), so your engine should stay pretty clean. You could do the auto-rx thing every 25k if you are worried about it. [Smile]
Also if anybody is interested pep boys is running a special right now- castrol GTX for 88 cents per quart with the coupon that came in this sundays paper! Just picked up a case of 5w20 for 1.29 per quart less $4.80 rebate = 88 cents.
Really as was mentioned the UOA is the only way to find out if your vehicle is happy with the oil. I think 2K oil changes are like turning back the clock. [Frown] I agree with the 3K oil change and a UOA
BF250- omg, just use that Castrol GTX, it is good stuff. I base my OCI on time, up to a certain mileage. I prefer synth at 6 month intervals, but you have a big sump and a low-rever, GTX is almost overkill. After a change or two, I'd stick with the exact 5000 mi interval. In reality, that GTX could go all year and we know it. Decide if you want syn 2x a year or dino 3x a year, imo. Pennzoil has an SUV formula with "Time-Released" additives. Pennzoil HMV is a happy median, 10% esters and it is a cheap $2. You could always add a quart of synth to your oil of choice too.
I do about 1200 miles per month mixed driving. I only ocassionaly carry a load, however I do have a bit of a heavy foot, with at least one "Italian tune-up" per week [Wink] . The reason I am leaning towards Dino is because I also have a 96 crown vic, 4.6 v-8, with 232,000 that has run nothing but dino every 3-5k. It is whisper quiet, uses almost no oil, and from what I can see through the valve cover is extermely clean. This is mainly Higway miles. Thanks for all your replys so far!
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