1995 Lexus LS400 filled with 10W-40...

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Nov 8, 2012
...should I be worried?

I visited my dad in Manila, Philippines and found out that his Lexus with 56k miles was filled with 10W-40 Shell oil by his home service mechanic. This is the most popular oil in Manila, which is sold at most service stations.

I promptly showed my dad the manual which states that 5W-30 or 10W-30 oil is recommended. Would there be any adverse effects to the engine given that it had this oil in its sump for more than a year now? My dad probably only drives it less than 4000 miles per year.

I told him already to have the oil changed to 5W-30. Would 10W-30 be fine since it's cheaper and avg temperature year round is around 87 deg F?
How high is the average temperature in Manila? In elevated temperatures 10W-40 could protect the engine better than xW-30. What is the actual type/make of the oil he uses?
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Originally Posted By: gregoron
...should I be worried?

...This is the most popular oil in Manila, which is sold at most service stations.

...had this oil in its sump for more than a year now?

No, you should not worry.
Actually 10w-40 is correct for that temperature and says so in the factory service manual and probably says so in your owner's manual. You said that yours says 5w-30 is recommended, do you have a chart like mine where it gives acceptable oil ranges? Mine says 10w-30 or 10w-40 is appropriate for all temp ranges above zero degrees Fahrenheit, with 15w-40 acceptable for all temp ranges above 10 degrees fahrenheit. 10w-40 will never cause a problem in a Lexus LS400's 1UZ-FE engine in that climate. Just leave it. In fact, if he were to use that oil from this time on, I doubt the engine would notice in any measurable way.

His manual recommends 10W-30 above zero degrees Celsius. It doesn't show 10W-40 anywhere in the manual.

He drives mostly short distances so engine might not get up to temperature.

Thanks, I guess I'm worrying too much.
"Petrifyingly Good!" Is what the reviewer said but, is this even a word? I did spell it incorrectly, if it is indeed used correctly.
Viscosity varies with temperature.
A 10W-40 at Manilla morning temperatures is thinner than a 5W-30 at Ohio winter morning temperatures.
Nothing to worry about at all.
Lol right, don't use an oil that is specified for the vehicle.

Originally Posted By: kozanoglu
Even 10W-60 would work in Philippines. Do not use 5W-30 at all.
LOL do not take into account 'details' like geography and manufacturers paying attention to it.
Thanks for the input everyone. Will suggest keeping the 10w-40 in. A 5 liter jug of 5W-40 costs $55 there.

I am not sure. I think they would have it in auto parts stores. The 5W-30's that they do have are available in gas stations in bottles and jugs. They are synthetic hence the higher cost.
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