1967 Bulova Accutron 214 watch

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Aug 11, 2011
http://www.accutron214.com/accutronq&a.htm My 1967 Bulova Accutron 214 stopped working over a year ago so I had a local watch repair shop clean and refurb it. It would hum but the hands had stopped. I got it back after a week, and it is running beautifully, though it is gaining a couple of seconds in 24 hours, [according to the world clock on my ipad] but I'm OK with that. My quartz watches are more accurate, but I've always been fascinated with the unique battery powered tuning fork movement and the sweep second hand, {it doesn't tick per se} especially considering the Accutron debuted in 1960. All the NASA moon missions had a Bulova Accutron clock mounted in the space capsules instrument panels and Bulova gave each astronaut a new Accutron astronaut model watch as a gift. Mine is the no frills base model, but I do have the original box, battery hatch tool and period Kreisler band. The link provides a lot of interesting history.
Does it have a 1.5V battery in it? If so and doesn't have the diode mad that is why it is running fast.
A friend of mine sends his Accutrons to a former Bulova employee who repairs them, including the mod to use a present-day battery. I recall him mentioning that the repair queue is a few years long.
I have a '73 gold 218? Accutron that was my grandpa's - the back is engraved with his name and "GM Assembly Division, 1948-1973". The Accutron movement is really cool, and their watches are stylish, too.
I've always wanted a tuning fork bulova, just for the unique mechanism. Definitely check that it has the right battery or that it was modded appropriately for the higher voltage battery. I'd you like the sweeping hands, check out Bulova's Precisionist line.
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