'18 Subaru Impreza 2.0...which 0w-20 for tight budget?

Every time I hear budgetary constraints, I think of Walmart's Supertech lineup. Used by millions with confidence.

Also Walmart has a 6-quart jug of Havoline 0w20 synthetic for under $20.


Walmart has rebates on Mobil 1. $30 back on 2 5 quart jugs. That makes it **** cheap.

I believe the rebate is through the Mobil website. But yes buy the 5-quart jugs at Walmart which is a qualified retailer and after rebate you get great oil for stupid cheap.
N.H, U.S.A.
I agree that it's nonsense and have my doubts that the memo (if it does exist) was specific to a certain brand. I might buy it if the memo made reference to a certain viscosity since Subaru Japan recommends thicker oil than we do. The problems with Mobil 1 in Subaru's is derived from knucklehead's in WRX's /STI's getting a 400 hp "brotune" and running Resource Conserving 5W-30. I've had debates with some of these knuckleheads that continued to run thin oil in a highly modified STI because "it's what's on the cap".
I've run Mobil 1 many times and I've had excessive valvetrain racket and other noises. There may be something to the memo. I posted about this ages ago when I learned of it., then now and then when M1 and Subaru come up.
But agreed, the concern Fuji had would not snap a rod or toast a piston. That's all at the foot of adequate HTHS and appropriate EP dosing and not foaming oil in hard cornering or acceleration.
There is no reason for my friend to lie. He is a straight shooter backwoods kind of guy. And as I stated he was service manager at Exeter Subaru in New Hampshire for over a decade. I bough a low mileage used SVX there just before he left. PLus you ouldn make that stuff up.
That was a very oddball car. Automotive reviewers have to stop calling Subaru "quirky" they are no longer "quirky" and haven't been for ages. - Ken