121k 2015 Volvo XC70 Trans Service Quandry

May 4, 2017
New (to me) 121k XC70 T6 racewagon (300HP I6 Turbo).

The wagon runs well and shifts acceptably, though I would not describe her as a smooth operator in most scenarios. With that said, I do not feel imminent doom, compared to the few that have previously blown up while in the captain's chair. No service history aside from a Carfax entry for "transmission checked"at 98k.

Having asked around the Volvo community, of which I was previously a card-carrying member for years, I have received some interesting information on its servicing.

Theory 1: Per the Volvo Dealership - "This is a lifetime fluid in a sealed transmission case that cannot be changed. Additionally, even if it could be changed, we do not have a fluid pump machine as we don't service Volvo transmissions in any scenario." The dealership actually said this. I did not paraphrase.

Theory 2: Per the Transmission Shop nerds: As metal breakdown accumulates and becomes suspended in the fluid, the emulsion of the two hold the worn gears in decent workable shape and a complete flush and fill will be a 50/50 shot of a rapid trans failure.

Theory 3: Per the Volvo Nerds: Drain out half(4L), refill and call it a day.

What does BITOG say?

Also curious: Liqui Moly LM20032 TOP TEC 1800 ATF + LM ATF Additive VERSUS OE Trans Fluid - What say you?

Thanks for the input!
"Lifetime fluid is a marketing ploy and not a maintenance philosophy. Change it and the filter.