10W30 conventional vs. 5W30 blend

Should I use 10W30 conventional (Castrol GTX) or 5W30 synthetic blend (Pennzoil) in my '99 Dodge Caravan (2.4L 4-cyl, 100k miles, drive it about 3k miles/yr, near New York City, rarely gets colder than 20F in winter).
I'd go synthetic blend in 5W-30 of your liking.
I've seen and have an old car that burns oil with syn blend but not with dino. Maybe it has to do with brand of oil. idk
it's getting dino (10W30) now but I'm going to try a thick syn (xW40) see what happens. Maybe it will clean the leftover dino sludge and clog my filter. 🧨 maybe I should stay with dino.