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    Amsoil ATF direct replacement for Honda ATF-Z1???

    I been using the Amsoil U. ATF in my Accord and CRV for over four years and I've liked it. I noticed an improvment in the Accord V6 but could not notice any difference in the CRV.
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    Honda Accord ATF

    I been using the AMSOIL Universal ATF in both my Accord and CRV for going on three years with no problems at all.
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    Brake Fluid flush

    <blockquote>Quote:<hr /> is it really worth it? I MAY do it on my 2001 F150 SuperCrew 5.4L this spring... but on my 92 Galant or 01 civic? prob not. <hr /></blockquote> What prompted me was I just paid over 600 bucks (rotors shot too) at brakes plus for them to rebuild the wheel cyl. on my...
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    Brake Fluid flush

    I've never flushed my brake fluid but just bought a Motive Pressure bleeder to perform the task. Does anyone know approx. how much brake fluid I need to do a complete flush for my car? (Honda Accord) I have no idea if I need to find a gallon can of brake fluid or just a few of those small cans?
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    Warm up idling

    I honestly couldn't care less if it's better or worse on my engine. I haven't been that healthy this winter and just don't wanna go out and freeze my rear off. I do know warming it up is easier on my automatic transmission (V6 Honda Accord) as it mine doesn't shift properly when cold but works...
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    Snowblower oil???

    I've been using Mobil-1 0W-30R in my John Deere since I got it new. We got hit with a blizzard here in Denver so mine just had a three hour workout yesterday. Looks like it'll get another three hours in today. I have a question if anyone can answer for me. Mine leaks oil but only if I get it...
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    Mobil-1-Less quality?

    <blockquote>Quote:<hr /> You will still get PAO if you find a 0w30 or 0w20 Mobil1 in stock somewhere. Hard to find though. <hr /></blockquote> I was just at our superWalmart yesterday and they have the 0W20 (colorado) Your right though as I have not seen the 0W30 for a while now.
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    Castrol Syntec-Can it go 7,500?

    <blockquote>quote:<hr />Originally posted by avette: <strong> <a href=";f=1;t=000534#000010" target="_blank">Terry Dyson</a>: ""Specifically, what is it about Mobil 1 that doesn't "impress" you? " Molakule's answer is perfect: "...
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    Once a year oil change

    Thanks for all the good suggestions from everyone. It sounds like my plan is solid as I've already learned a lot from this forum! For those who asked I'm in Colorado so we have a pretty wide temp range between summer/winter although not so much as some other parts of the country. I realize...
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    Once a year oil change

    My wife doesn't work so her 2003 Honda CRV only gets about 6,000 miles a year on it. Combination highway/city. With only once a year oil changes would it be better to do the oil change in the spring or fall? I'm thinking spring as winter would be harder on the oil than summer correct? It...
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    Washing engine-Is it safe to do?

    I'm 51 years old and have pressure washed the engines in every car I've ever owned two to three times a year with NO problems at all. Spray degreaser, soap, let sit for a couple of minutes then wash off using PRESSURE WASHER. Just use a little common sense where your directing the spray. I...
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    OW-40 for 05 (4cyl) Accord - Europe says Yes /US Says 5W-20?

    <blockquote>quote:<hr />The gentleman's talking about using a 0-40. Not only is it suitable for winter, it is actually better in extreme cold than 5-30, 10-30 AND a 5-20. <hr /></blockquote>Well I guess you'd have to define EXTREAME cold because even M1 10W30 is thinner at startup than the 0W40...
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    OW-40 for 05 (4cyl) Accord - Europe says Yes /US Says 5W-20?

    I ran M1 0W40 in my 6 cyl accord last winter and I didn't like it. I changed it after only 3k because it felt to thick. On those very cold mornings the engine was noiser and sluggish. The engine seemed to operate better when very cold with the M1 0W30 which is what I usually use for winter...
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    M1 10w30 or 5w30?

    I was at our local super Wallmart a few days ago and the EP was only 40 or 50 some cents more than the regular M1 so I sprang for the EP. I've always used M1 for years and like you before coming here I also always changed out at 3k. Having become a little better educated now I go closer to 6k...
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    How does Magnesium Chloride compare with salt on roads? Will it eat my car?

    Looks like it's just as bad as Sodium Cloride to me: MAGNESIUM CHRLORIDE Magnesium Chloride and Sodium Chloride are both very corrosive to the metal surfaces of your vehicle. Depending on what type of metals we're talking about, the amount of corrosion and the effects will be different. For...