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Feb 1, 2005
South Texas
I just test drove an '07 Subaru Legacy Limited Wagon and the car is awesome. The Legacy is a much better overall vehicle inside and out than I anticipated! The '06 and '07's are almost the same. The '07 with Turbo gets the STI 6-Spd and the 5-spd auto gets a three-way knob to control engine output. I may have finally found the car I want to buy after searching for awhile Any Legacy owners here or any one with experience with Subaru over all? What are some good Subaru forums? Thanks!
Some Subaru Legacy forums for you to check out (found them via a Google search): Legacy Owners Association NASIOC: Legacy Forum I've got a 2005 Impreza WRX STi and have been extremely happy with the performance and reliability of the car (this is my first Japanese vehicle, after driving a string of Audi's and VW's). I swayed my parents into getting a 2006 Subaru Outback LL Bean edition (with the 3.0L flat 6-cylinder engine), they were coming out of a 18 year old Volvo 740 Turbo wagon. They really like the Outback (basically the same car as the Legacy wagon), and wished they ditched the Volvo sooner. The new Legacy with the SI-drive sounds really nice based on some reviews I've read on the Spec B version of the Legacy GT sedan. Are you looking at the Legacy 2.5i Limited wagon? Or the Legacy GT Limited wagon?
I'm on my Fourth Subaru. My parents like it so much, they bought a used one. I currently have a 2006 Forester and a 2007 Legacy Limited Sedan. I drive the Legacy for work, and sometimes go as far as 15 hours in a day. It's a very, very good car for the money, especially since it has All wheel drive and I have to drive in colder climates. My partner at work has a BMW 330...and hates to admit the Subaru is a gem compared to the BMW. Even at a fraction of the price. We take the Subaru whenever we can because it has more room and rides better. Plus, it's very cheap to maintain compared to the BMW.
Andy, I'm looking at the 2.5i instead of the Turbo 2.5GT. Dont get me wrong, I would love the Turbo! With the cost of ownership such as lower insurance rate, better fuel economy, lower sale price, and less stuff to break in the future, I think the non-turbo is best for me. Unless I can find a dealer that will sell me an '06 GT for cheap! Titan, I looked at the sedan, but the moonroof cuts too much of the head room in the back seat. A question to both of yall, which interior color do yall have? The Taupe Leather looks awesome, but I am worried it will get dirty quick and after 5-6 years, show wear and tear more than the charcoal
My wife drives an '01 Outback Limited with the 2.5 engine, just about 100k miles now. Have had a few problems (knock sensor, ignition coil), but in 5 yrs and 100k miles? Not bad at all. I'ts an excellent car, her next may well be another 'Ru. The 4-cyl engine has plenty of torque, the car never feels underpowered. Good lookingcar, and a very nice interior The AWD is completely transparent and will propel the car through just about anything. It's the reason I went shopping for AWD when the time came.
I posted in the other area however own a 2005 Legacy GT(LGT) wagon (non-limited) with 5 manual tranny. The motor is incredible as posted before, my wife driving 85% of time we get 23.5MPG with required premium fuel. If insurance is a concern did you check that, it was not very $$$ for the LGT. A decent forum mostly concentric about the Legacy GT but has many other posts about normal aspirated 2.5L is
I have the dark leather. I also got the non-turbo, because I need reliability more than I need power. 170-something HP is enough to get the car down the road and up the hills I travel. I don't think the turbo units themselves are unreliable, but, all the extra electronics/feedback mechanisms are just harder to diagnose and correct. Plus, the fuel mileage is lower and the required Octane is higher on the turbo models. KISS is best for really high mileage vehicles with less chance of problems cropping up.
My STi has black cloth seats with blue Escaine material (man-made suede) in the center part of the seats. They show very little wear for the 2 years I've owned the car. My parents Outback wagon has a light tan interior. Their Outback is too new to really tell how the interior will age with use, but throwing a seat cover on the seats if you're really dirty or sweaty would probably be a good idea to help keep the seats looking like new. Here's an interior pic of my STi showing the seats:
My fiancee has an '05 Legacy Wagon. Nice car, and even with an automatic we've seen 34-35 MPG on the highway. Not too shabby for an AWD wagon, and with a 17 gallon tank it goes a long way between fuel stops. It tows our 1800# pop-up camper with no complaint (rated for 2700 max).
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