Your Favorite Non - OEM Air Filter ?

I've used a lot of Fram air filters and been happy with the construction and fit. However lately I have been using Denso filters from rockauto and they fit and function every bit as good as the OEM and Fram's I've used but at a much better price so I been using them the last year or 2.
S&B would be my choice if they had one for any of my factory airboxes. They filter much better than AEM, AFE, or anything I know of other than the ultra-best AC Delcos. They even offer choice of serviceable oiled cotton or disposable dry.
OEM only for the last 5 yrs.
I have used Fram, Denso (FirstTimeFit) and Wix in the past.
Most aftermarket ones fit fine, but some have been loose. Why take a chance? Not worth it, in my opinion, when you remember that filtered air is going inside the combustion chamber. I usually keep my cars 15+ years. I have compared OEM Toyota filter (from dealership) vs. Fram filter from RA. The OEM filter has more pleats and seems to have sturdier filter material than the Fram. Higher cost of OEM filter amortized over the life of the filter is quite small for the added peace of mind.
Most people assume that since Denso is OEM supplier to Toyota the Denso aftermarket filter (made for the retail market) are of equal quality to the one ones you buy from the dealership. I have my doubts. I suspect that the denso filter sold as OEM from the dealership is likely made to a higher (Toyota specified) spec and standards then the aftermarket Denso. Wonder if anyone has compared them side by side.
Denso’s presentation on the topic of their factory-fitted parts vs their dealer service parts vs their aftermarket parts quality has been posted here before. Factory-fitted parts are best. Dealer service parts are somewhat less, and aftermarket are less still. “Less” means lower quality or performance in any of various ways.
Denso, although some might argue it's the same filter as the Toyota filter.