Yamaha demo day

Nov 23, 2003
I stopped by my local dealer since the Yamaha demo truck was there. They will let you test ride two bikes only. I chose the Tracer 9 GT and the XSR900. I don’t really care for the looks of Yamaha motorcycles, especially the MT line, the Transformer look isn’t for me. Both bikes rode nice and the fit and finish were good. Two gripes on the GT were the split TFT displays and my heel of my boot kept hitting the center stand while riding. I didn’t have any gripes about the XSR. It was a 2021 model and Yamaha made the 2022 redesign uglier with a weird seat and headlight.

I have a 2016 XSR900 (60th Annv model) that I bought new. Super fun bike to ride. The cross plane 3-cylinder is a fantastic engine - super flat torque and linear HP curve. I don't like the rear end looks of the new 2022 XSR900 either. Like the color scheme on the one you test rode ... but like my 60th Annv color scheme the most. :)

I don't mind the new exhaust, it's kind of cool IMO. If the seat and rear fender was better looking it would be more attractive. Yamaha made a lot of improvements in the new 2022, but I'm keeping my 2016, which was the 1st year of the XSR900. Plus it's the Annv model.

Do dealers still even have the 2021 left for sale?
My wife and I recently got an FJ-09. Both of us have quickly become fond of it. The oil pan is fragile, just beware of this and get a guard for it. (Amazon sells one for $30)