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Dec 2, 2002
Martinsville, VA
This is my first post, but I have thoroughly enjoyed this website with its vast amounts of information. I know alot of people constantly ask opinions on what is the best oil. I cant seem to make up my mind if I want to go synthetic or not. Here is my situation. I have a 2002 Dodge Dakota with the 4.7 V8. I have the 7 year, 100,000 mi powertrain warranty, which means I need to stick with a 3,000 mi oil change interval. I drive it to work daily, which is 10 miles, one way. Most of my driving is short trips, with an occasional long one thrown in from time to time. I currently have 8,000 miles on it, and have changed the oil at 900mi, 3,000, and 6,000miles. The first 2 oil changes were with Mobil Drive Clean 5w-30, the third was with Mobils Drive Clean Blend 5w-30. I want to stick with an over the counter oil, and was leaning towards going to Mobil 1 on my next change. However, with having to change every 3,000 miles, I wonder if I would receive enough benefit for the extra cost. I have also heard rumors of some possible sludge problems with this engine. I plan on keeping the vehicle until I run it in the ground. Please give me your opinions on which oil I should choose. Thanks everyone in advance for your time and thoughts.
The warranty requires 3000 mile changes? If this is true save you money and sitck with a good petroleum based oil. Synthetic would be a waste of funds.
Ken, The 7yr/100,000 mile warranty was an extended warranty that Chrysler was including during the time I purchased the vehicle. The warranty states that I should follow the manual on oil change intervals, which is 3,000 miles for my type of driving. The manual states its okay to use either dino or synthetic oil, but if using synthetic you must still obide by the mileage recommendations. As far as viscosity, 10w-30 was recommended for all the engine choices but the 4.7, which was 5w-30 (for optimal fuel economy) As far as the Auto-Rx, where do you find it, and what is the average cost. Is it an easy product to use?..and could it possibly effect warranty coverage? Thanks Ken2, Norm and Spector for your quick responses
The only thing you "need" to stick to is the 7500 miles oil change intervals, not the 3000 intervals. There are different schedules that are use as recommendation but for warranty you are "required" to change it at the higher of two which is 7500 miles.
Since you stated most of your driving is short trips, I agree with the 3,000 mile interval. Castrol GTX or Chevron Supreme along with a Purolator filter should serve you well.
Larry, I certainly would not consider your 10 mile (1-way) commute as 'severe service'. A quality dino oil today can go 7,500 miles. If your uncomfortable with that, change at 5K or go sythetic. IMO 3K oil changes today (especially in a new engine) is gross overkill. But whatever makes you sleep better at night. It's your money and our environment.
Larry, The Mobil 1 would be a good choice but, I would run it longer than 3,000 miles. My advice is to switch to Mobil 1 and run it 5,000 miles for your first interval. At the end of the first interval, have an oil analysis done. That analysis should give you a fairly good indication if you should shorten, lengthen, or keep the oil change interval the same. In any event, it is good piece of mind.
DEWFPO, The severe part about a 10 mile trip is that the oil doesn't get fully warmed. Moisture and other contaminants accumulate in the oil instead of evaporating as they would on a longer drive. Ken
I wouldn't argue the point, but 10 miles in my book is not severe service. If you are going with dino I woldn't push past 4K miles without oil analysis or 7K with Mobil 1 10W-30. I'm sure though that the Moble (with an analysis to verify) would be good for maybe an other 2K. The dino could be good for maybe 5K or so. Unless the dealer is riding around with you and judging the driving is "severe"- that's too often to change. [Welcome!]
Any good filter, Pennzoil PureBase 5W-30 (or Chevron Supreme/Havoline), 4,500 mile intervals, 3 oz. Auto-rx each oil/filter change ought to protect you far, far beyond the warranty period. [Cheers!]
Larry, Why the 3000 mile oil drain interval? Is that 7/100,000 mile warranty the original factory warranty or a so-called "extended warranty" you bought extra. If it's the original factory warranty, you can follow the oil drain interval shown in your owner's manual. If you bought a service contract, sold to you as an "extended warranty," you need to follow the maintenance requirements written in it, and be able to document that you did so. Anyway, your short drives aren't the best. Follow the "severe service" schedule or whatever it's called in your owner's manual. Use the thickest viscosity oil shown in your owner's manual, probably 10W-30. Only use 5W-30 in the winter if the 10W-30 is too thick according to your manual. Mobil Drive Clean is one of the good ones, as are Chevron, Castrol, and Pennzoil. As Norm said, a usage of Auto-Rx every 30,000 miles will remove any sludge, or a small application every oil change. Generally, synthetic oil only pays off if you drive if frigid winter areas or if you use extended oil drain intervals. Ken
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