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Jan 18, 2003
An Alberta Garage
Would it be wrong to change my oil only once a year if: 1) engine = VW 1.8T running 1bar boost (15psi). 2) driven twice daily but only 8Km or 5mi at a time -- all city driving -- only used for commuting to & from work. 3) driven only a total of 8000km or 5000mi per year. 4) extreme winter conditions as cold as -35C. 5) oil changed each spring after winter. 6) summers are moderate -- seldom exceeding 30C. 7) Mobil 1 5W-30 oil and OEM long life filter. Would this be too much to expect from Mobil 1???? [I dont know]
Under those conditions I would change it twice a year, once before winter, once after winter. And with a turbo, I would not use 5w30 M1. Use the 0w40. Or Redline 5w40. Amsoil 5w30 or 0w30 would work well too, both are formulated at the top end of 30wt and have great HTHS numbers your turbo needs. 5w30 M1 is simply too thin for a turbo car.
Originally posted by Pablo: 6 months maximum any oil in a gasoline turbo.
Well, I concur that under your conditions (worst then severe) I would go every 6 months. However, I must disagree with Pablo. I have a twin turbo that I purchased used with 5400 miles on it. Mobil 1 in the crankcase and had been for 18 months, about 3000 miles. I changed to Amsoil 10W30 and and Mobil 1 analyzed. Analysis was great. I now have 22,000 on the car and since owning it have changed it once a year along with a filter and mileage has been 5000 or less. Analysis was fine and comparable to the Mobil 1 analysis. This is a 1997 and it is due for its annual oil change next week and this year will have under 3000 miles on it. I will bet it is fine. One major diff between the poster and myself is that when I do start it up I attempt to drive at least 10-15 miles to burn off the contaminants. In a twin turbo this engine heats up real quick. Also, I live is a moderate climate, winter temps never below 10 degrees above zero F. [ February 21, 2003, 08:15 AM: Message edited by: Spector ]
Spitman, My '99 Saab 2.0L turbo sees about 10k miles/yr, & maybe 1/2 of those are short trips like yours. I haven't done any analyses yet, but my feeling (based on the results of others) is that any of the PAO full syns will survive very well for you for one year. For a turbo, I'd recommend moving away from an A1/A5 rated oil & going to an A3 rated oil, but that's just my preference. I'll have my first M1 0W-40 analysis done at 6mos/5k miles (still about 4mos away), so I'll have some personal data to throw out at folks then.
I'd run a 0w-30 synthetic in the winter and a 10w-30 in the summer - Mobil 1 would be just fine. I'd change oil every six months as well. I don't see any issue with running a 0w-30 or 0w-40 synthetic in a turbo application. Most of the top tier synthetics sold in Europe are now either 0w-30 or 0w-40 grades and you are even seeing some 0w-20 stuff. TooSlick
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