worse on oil than a taxi?

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Jun 4, 2005
Southern Ontario
Very early every morning I can hear the paper delivery guy in his car go through our neighbourhood i.e. lots of gas,
squeaky brakes, bad muffler and rough idle. But his routine every day is stop and go in residential areas as he makes his rounds with lots of idling and lots of giving it gas in between. This has got to be so hard on his oil. And in the winter his fuel dilution has to be through the roof.
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My paper guy is the same way, brakes are metal on metal, exhaust system is shot, and the car runs pretty rough. He drives the car like he stole it, and has been driving this same car for a few years now. I'm not even sure of the make and model, and three or four of the body panels are different colors.
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My paper guy is the same way,

And considering how very large these paper routes are it could well be the same guy!
My brother and I used to deliver Sunday papers when we were in high school. This was back when the Sunday papers were HUGE. We'd load up the trunk and backseat as full as we could stuff them, then have a smaller stack on the front seat between us. If we ran out of room (which became more and more common as they kept adding new houses along the route) we started the morning with a couple bundles of papers on the hood!

The route was rural enough that there was quite a bit of driving between neighborhoods, so we managed to keep it from being 100% start-stop driving. The springs took most of the abuse and I wound up replacing them after we quit the route.
Keep in mind it this is the guys only job he is not making much money for a good car.

I saw a blip on CNN the other day about the Newspaper going the way of the do-do. I wouldnt be surprized.
Definitely very bad for the trans! This is what kills me about this stuff! Most of us on here take very good care of our vehicles.then ya have people like this that can abuse the living [censored] outa their vehicle`s,do little to no maintenance,and the freaggin thins just keep goin??????
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The engine is the least of the problems in that driving scenario.

Still I love to see a UOA for one of these cars.
We use to deliver the pennysaver back in the day in a 1992 Chrysler Town and Country....

I still remember the black hands from wrapping hundreds of newspapers into plastic sleeves, and throwing them into the back of the van through the rear gate.

I hated getting up early on Saturday mornings...and worst of all, my parents made me help them for free!
But wouldn't the fact that the engine is usually at operating temp for a taxi/police cruiser mitigate much of the "start-up wear" factor?
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Try being a rural mail carrier.

Yes similar but being "rural" would mean that the deliveries are probably further apart than for the newspaper guy?
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Police cars get alot of hard use.

But I bet these vehicles cars get better more regular maintenance than the newspaper delivery cars.
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But wouldn't the fact that the engine is usually at operating temp for a taxi/police cruiser mitigate much of the "start-up wear" factor?

I am sure some but anytime the engine isn't running the oil has time to drain off and not leave as good a cushion of oil between the parts.
I dont think a rural mail carrier engine has it that bad...

really, I dont know who would take a paper route job these days. The ads I see on craigslist for the jobs looks awful--- 7 days a week, and only like 200 dollars a week. Thats like 28 dollars a day... then deduct gas, wear and tear on car.... and, is it really worth waking up at 2am for? I realize the economy is bad, etc. etc., but still...
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