WIX oil filter

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Mar 21, 2004
Near the beach in Delaware
I just swapped out a WIX filter for a Bobcat filter and the hydraulic oil light on my Bobcat went off (which is good). I will cut apart the WIX, but the base is very thick and the filter cutter I bought will not work. One disappointment is it appears WIX did not keep up. The Bobcat is a 1990 (or so) and the part number for one of its its hydraulic filters changed, and I think its now a much longer (by several inches) filter. When I look up my Bobcat model on the WIX website I get the WIX number for a much shorter filter and they list the old Bobcat number as the one it replaces. I kind of found this by accident since its just easier to buy Bobcat parts at the Bobcat dealer who is 5 miles away and I can go to the service people questions. And there are few aftermarket parts available for a Bobcat anyway. The lamps for the oil and transmission warning lights were both burned out, so the previous owner would have had no idea about this issue. Once I cut apart the WIX filter I will see if it was clogged or what.
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