Windows Live Messenger spam messeges

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Oct 30, 2007
Orlando, FL
Hey all, need your help on this one.

Recently I am getting spam messages from known contacts on my Windows Live Messenger. It started just a few messages every now and by now i'm getting them daily and it's [censored] me off.

Here are some examples of what I am getting: PLEASE DO NOT GO TO THESE WEBSITES. MOST LIKELY IT'S SPY WARE.

1. Are you missing someone? Maybe you should date me Create your profile here:

2. OH MY GOSH....You really need to join. I found a new [censored][censored].php

3. that is u?!

4. Hey!!! how horny r u right now??? Ready to [censored]???

I searched Google but could not find anything solid.
How can I stop these darn messages? I am going to scan my PC for spy ware now. Are my friends computer infected as well?

By the way, I got a couple of messages today from a friend whose laptop is currently out of order and I know he is not using another PC!

I've been getting a load of them lately myself. There was even spam sent out from my hotmail e-mail address. I changed my password and all of the outbound stuff stopped.

I bet someone compromised an MSN database.
^ Yes i asked one of my friends to change his password and the spam stopped. I am hoping to find out if it's a spyware file or something else.
96% of all email is spam. All the nasty emails you are now seeing are probably due to a front-end email filter having issues. I see this at my work every so often, then the inbox suddenly gets a few nasties, then my phone starts ringing like crazy.

Like a flood wall, you can only be protected from a certain amount of water until you either make a bigger wall or change your address.
If someone changes their password and spam from them stops, they have 'bigger' issues.
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