Will the Lucid Air succeed?

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It's a sexy car, no doubt. I wonder if the base model is lower than the S due to the S being almost alone in its class, with full reign of market space. Lucid is also coming into a market that's been proven to exist with the S, and perhaps isn't as worried about lackluster sales requiring a higher per-car sticker.
I CAN'T STAND the way that everything new is labeled: ______ Killer? Hey guys is API SN the API SM Killer?!
Seems there is a fair amount of new hardware coming out. And plenty of it is quick, if not downright fast laugh I think the Lucid will work. But the reclining rear seats will eat the truck space down to nothing ... Like the 2019 Porsche laugh
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The single most important feature about a plug-in electric vehicle is how long does it take for it to receive a replenish charge when on a highway trip. Touring efficiency if you will. No one wants to stop and cool their jets for two hours every 300 miles or so, and have to intricately plan their route to include sparsely available charging points. Range anxiety.
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Wonder what the 1000 hp range is? 5 mi? 1 mi?
Do you live your life a quarter of a mile at a time?
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Range anxiety.
It's Range Reality if you are going places. And fast charge wrecks the batteries...Tesla limit how many Kwh you can pump in at 120KW, before dropping it to 90 and below.
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