Wife's Pregnant!

I don't know if you're a Kenny Chesney fan or not but he has a song called Don't Blink. Give it a listen. It's a particularly good one for new parents to hear. Congrats!
Thanks guys!

Little update:

Our 7-month-old is doing just wonderfully. He’s been sleeping in his own room since around 4 months old, and sleeps for an average of about 10-12 hrs per night!

He has eaten anything and everything we’ve fed him, including vegetables and fruits, and now routinely demands that we give him some of our food when we eat!

We have a running stroller that I’ve taken him running in, once. He didn’t have a great time, but, he was tired! We will try it again.

He does really enjoy being in the carrier thingy that I strap on and carry him in on my chest. We’ve gone a few places and walked around with him for an hour or 2 at a time and he’s loved it.

Yesterday we took a road trip and toured the old (now closed for about 12 years) Brushy Mountain State Prison in Petros, TN (This was where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s murderer, James Earl Ray, was imprisoned, and actually briefly escaped from, in 1977).

The boy was a real trooper yesterday - it was approximately a 3-hour drive out to the prison, a nearly 2-hour tour, and we ate at 2 sit-down restaurants (Cracker Barrel and Macaroni Grill) along the way. He was long-suffering and patient through it all!




I also have more news - the wife is pregnant again, with a due date of 2/22/22!

We’re having a little girl this time!

We can’t wait!!
Congrats from someone who just hit 40 years of marriage, with 4 grown children. Enjoy your child(ren) and influence them with your time and your actions. They are a blessing.