Wide swing in coolant pricing

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Sep 16, 2007
St. Louis, Missouri
So far I've checked with 3 Toyota dealerships. They sell the same gallon of 50/50 pre-diluted Toyota Super Long Life coolant for $18, $25, and $30--quite a wide swing in pricing from $18 to $30.

Do you think the Toyota dealership that's only charging $18 is selling very old stock? Could something be wrong with their low-priced coolant? What gives with the wide variation?
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The dealer sets their prices, and they do vary wildly.

For instance, the Toyota dealer in Oakland CA is often 2X other dealers for the same part.
sometimes if a dealer purchases in huge quantities, something like 20-25 cases at a time they get a discount. they can either keep the discount in a money earned account or pass it on to the customer. although its not that large of a discount usually.
Last MB and BMW coolant I bought was $18-20. That was within the last two years and with high (assumed) markup.

Just checked bavauto - still charge $18.95 for G-48.

I'd say the dealer charging $30 doesn't really want to sell parts.
It may have something to do with the overhead of the dealership. I know my Saturn dealership is about 1/3 or so higher on parts prices compared to other dealerships. They have a newish building in a rich area of town.
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