Whole house generator stand

Oct 23, 2017
Starting the process of installing a Kohler 14K at the new construction eventual retirement home. I need to elevate it about 33 inches off the ground. I've looked up all the setback/clearance codes, no issues there, but in talking with the local inspector, he says he will not pass it if on an elevated platform made from wood/combustible materials.
There are a couple of companies who make metal options https://www.paddepot.com/generatorstands but the price is just nuts for 12 feet of square tube and some channel. I have a TIG and I'll probably just make my own from AL as the location is 150ft from salt water, but before I invest the time in doing that, I'm wondering if anyone is using another mounting option that gets the gen off the ground but isn't flammable.
I suppose you could use concrete if you used Sonotube legs, add some rebar sticking out the top and pour a slab for the top. Sounds a bit like overkill, but it could be done.
Maybe you could get your hands on a metal pallet then prop it up with sono-tube concrete thingies? Cover the pallet with corrugated roofing material then put a thin layer of concrete on top of that?

I'm imagining vibration without all this.
Can you just make a 3 foot tall concrete box and fill it with dirt?
Guess I could. Not even sure they have to be supported in the middle, still need to do some research on that part. If not, guess I could just build a block wall box and sit it on there.
I'm assuming that flooding is an issue where the OP lives.
I'm the OP. I could get a 7.5ft storm surge and the generator wouldn't get wet, but my electrical panels and meter box are 10.5ft above mean water. I'm not in a flood zone but the flood zone is 100ft away.

I'm just looking to get the gen to the same height as the electrical panels. If water got as high as the electrical panels then it wouldn't matter but it doesn't make much sense to have 10ft high panels and a 7ft high power source.
concrete blocks on concrete slab filled with dirt/ rocks and using the factory pad on top.
I might end up going that route. I put all of the T6 AL metal in my shopping cart at online metals (3x3 .25 wall corner posts and 3x2 angle for the top) and it comes to 517 bones, and then I still have to weld it up. That is a good bit cheaper than the 1400 bucks for the prefab units but I think that would be a good bit more costly that cinder blocks/dirt and cement.