Which is a better option for LR Evoque Oil Changes?

Background - my adult daughter has a 2017 Landrover RR Evoque (2.0 gasoline engine). The factory recommendation is to use CASTROL EDGE PROFESSIONAL 5W30 C1 full synthetic oil with changes every 10,000 miles. Each oil change requires 6.0 quarts of oil. The cost per oil change is always around $125 if you get the supplies yourself (or about $250 at the LR dealership).

However, I was wondering if it might be better to replace the oil/filter more often (every 5,000 miles) but with an oil that is CASTROL EDGE PROFESSIONAL C1 and doesn't meet the STJLR.03.5003 specification. The cost of doing either option would be about the same. In the case of more frequent replacements, I was thinking of using CASTROL EDGE 5W30 (non-professional) along with the factory recommended filter. When I go to the CASTROL website and enter my vehicle information this is the recommendation but I don't see anywhere that it meets the STJLR.03.5003 specification.

So, I am asking your expert advice on which of these two options would be better. I am bit lost in the world of "oil speak" so hoping one the experts here can help more sort out what would be the best approach. Thank you in advance for your help.
This product is approved for the JLR STJLR.03.5003 spec you mentioned:

Amazon has the oil for $42/5L. I would use the correct oil. The Motul product appears to be a slightly thicker 5w-30 (HT/HS 3.4) and has some other qualities that are different than a normal API SN+/SP 5W-30. See below for a comparison between the JLR spec and the current API SP spec:

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What could possibly go wrong with Euro Edge 0W30, this is still the ecoboost right?

I concur something with a 3.5+ HTHS or better would make me feel a little better than the 2.9+ HTHS of a US GF-5/GF-6 Oil given the parameters the factory specifies.

I would be tempted to just use M1 0W-40 as it's affordable and readily available at Walmart but that may not be an option from a warranty stand point.
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