when to add oil

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Mar 8, 2003
Spokane WA
I've been reading a lot lately on this website because I'm new. I've got an old subaru wagon that uses/leaks about a half a quart of oil every 2000 miles. When should I add oil to bring it back up to the full mark? I usually don't even drive 3000 miles in 3 months so I just chage the oil every three months without adding any in between.
I think the best time to add oil is as soon as you see it go down from the full mark on the stick. I never wait for it to be a half or a full quart down, as there is less overall stress on the oil when it's at a higher capacity. So in my car, as soon as the level goes down by 100ml, I top it up with 100ml.
I agree with Patman, as soon as it drops below the full line, I fill it. With my car only being a 4qt. capacity, every bit counts.
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