What's your factory carry ammo, and why?

Haven't been back to this thread in awhile. Can't remember if I ever updated but I now use Hornady critical defense 115gr 9mm.
Federal HST 9mm 124gr +P. I chose this because it has a proven track record with law enforcement, it’s widely available, and most importantly it functions flawlessly and groups well in my P30.

For pocket carry: Buffalo Bore .380 +P 90gr jhp and Hornady Critical Defense .380 90gr. Or .38 Special Buffalo Bore 158 gr LSWCHP standard pressure.

I’ve tested all of these in their respective firearms for function and accuracy.
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Cor Bon 357 mag 125 grain in my snubby
Remington 357 mag 158 grain soft point in my hunting pistol
.45 ACP - any 230 grain FMJ because a .45 starts out as a .45.