What's the best Amsoil mix for my Volvo?

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Nov 22, 2005
Charlotte, NC
Decided to try Amsoil with the next OCI, but I'm confused with the choices at the Amsoil site. unable to translate the acronyms. what's the best oil for the I5 turbo in my 2000 Volvo V70? Thanks.
I'd probably start with the Series 3000, 5w-30, even though it's marketed as a fuel efficient diesel oil. The stuff is very shear stable, has a low evaporation rate and is extremely resistant to oxidation. I would have recommended the previous version of their 5w-40 Euro oil, but the new low ash stuff doesn't appear to be nearly as robust and I expect it will shear down quite a bit in your application. It's also an 8 TBN formulation, so the extended drain capability won't be as good as the 12 TBN Amsoil formulations.
Depends on your driving style and as TS says your OCI. The 5W-40 will be fine for the full Volvo regular service interval, plus a 1000-2000 miles. Indeed the Series 3000 will be good if you want to go over 10,000 miles. Lastly consider the ACD SAE30/10W-30 Amsoil ACD as a low cost Amsoil alternative. It's what's in my Volvo 850 right now.
It's a drop down list of Amsoil motor oils. The first three characters are the product code, that's all. The rest of the line is a quick product name. Why the fear of "diesel"?
no fear of diesel. i wish i had one actually...my slow arse volvo wagon gets abysmal mpg... i actually deduced, myself, that the 3 letters preceding the oil weights were product codes. i still am as confused as i was before the logical deduction. for example, what do they mean in relation to the oil weight? is one better than another? are there oils i should avoid in that list? are some for racing/consumer/riding lawnmower? forgive my ignorance, but as in the immortal words of O Brother Where Art Thou...IT JUST DON'T MAKE NO KIND O SENSE.
A turboed V70 isn't a rocket sled, but it isn't exactly "slow arsed" either. You should be seeing mileage in the low 20s even if you jump all over it, and in the higher 20s if you lay off the turbo. Why you're getting bad mileage AND poor performance out of one is a strange combination indeed. Try a thicker 30 weight in your V70. A mainstream 40 might slow your spool up just enough to make it sluggish.
There is no relation from the letters in the code to the weight. It's just a name code. You need to select the SAE viscosity you are looking for (5W-30 for example) and then check out the various oils in that range. The details about the oils will tell you the best applications. When in doubt what your vehicle needs, click on the "product application guide" Motor Oil Link - Guide HERE and input your parameters.
IMHO, if your Volvo has a turbo you should be looking at the "diesel" oils (as you refer to them) as that is EXACTLY the kind of application they are designed for... Uh, "...for which they ARE designed"? Cheers!
Well, I've had a number of Saab and Volvo turbos (and stil have 2 Saabs). I've been using AMSOIL 0W-30 in all of them since it became available about 8 years ago. Or, the 5W-40 will be fine, as will 5W-30, 10W-30
one guy on these forums had a 2mpg increase with an amsoil oil, i having difficulty determining which blend he used...the Amsoil site is obfuscatory, at best...to we lowly laymen.
Originally posted by gr8gatzby: Decided to try Amsoil with the next OCI, but I'm confused with the choices at the Amsoil site. unable to translate the acronyms. what's the best oil for the I5 turbo in my 2000 Volvo V70? Thanks.
Im currently using AMSOIL Series 3000 with great results so far. I just did a 1600 mile tow with a 6x12' uhaul trailer in my under powered 3.4L Tacoma from california to texas in some pretty good heat and alot of hills and mountains and not a single drop of oil was burned. Im sure there are other oils that would perform the same but i do plan on doing a UOA in the next few months and if all is good ill keep using it.
what is the difference betwixt XLF & XLM?
Very similar base oils and additive packages. The obvious 100°C viscosity difference stands out (8.5 vs. 10.5) and other property differences - lower temp flow difference slightly favoring the thinner 5W-20 and slightly thicker 5W-30 be favored with a larger VI and higher HTHS of 3.2. No difference in price.
gr8gatzby, The diesel oil is also a gas engine oil. It meets both diesel and gas ratings. The series 3000 5-30 would be fantastic for your engine, but is very expensive. The TBN...or Total Base Number for these oils starts out at 12. This oil would give you what you are looking for...close your eyes when you write the check. The 0-30 might be a better choice dollar wise.
What I should have said is the ASL 5-30 or even better price wise the XLF 5-30 would be better choices dollar wise. The 0-30 is a bit more per qt than the series 3000...
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