What's so special about 'marine' grease?

Do they mention what kind of grease they used in the manual?
I never looked - they had a decal and it was definitely red grease so rolled with that …
The replacement hubs (at the boat dealer) used to be labeled RnT - but changed to their marine stuff …
My Dexter axle on a utility trailer (bought a year ago) was not marked at all - but have not touched those.
Unless you're putting boats in the water, I would just use the Lucas grease you already have. I believe that it is a polyurea type grease so it may not be compatible with the more common lithium soap type greases so make sure to clean any existing grease from your bearings before applying.
+1, The same good info I got from a Chevron lube tech. He suggested Delo EP #2. My "go to" for over 30 years.
You're right. I had them mixed up. It was Ford who came out with the all aluminum truck bed in 2015. That's when Chevy came out with the commercials knocking them. By dumping loads of bricks and crap into them, tearing and splitting the beds open. Ford advertised "strength" by making the claim their trucks were made from, "Military Grade Aluminum"....... Whatever the hell that is.
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