What's happening to Motorcraft 10w-40?

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May 9, 2003
Fayetteville, NC
About an year ago, I was able to get an oil change with this stuff at most of the Ford dealers in the area. I thought it did very well in my 4.6L T-bird. Now, they "don't stock it anymore", the same answer at all dealers, 'cause Ford recommends only 5/20, 5/30, and 10/30 for oil changes...even on older cars. After that time I was able to find this at Auto Zones and I was able to buy it and bring it for an oil change; a week ago, I saw none there; 2 bottles at Advance Auto parts, 3 at a Wal-mart, none at another wal-mart. Why doesn't Ford have this any more? If Motorcarft/Ford doesn't make it, how come other stores carry it, even a few bottles? are they also going to vanish? BTW, does anyone know how good/bad this oil is/was?
why run a 40 wt on a 4.6 liter tbird that only puts out about 205 hp? those engines run great on 5w30 or even 10w30, your just losing gas mileage with a 40wt. I used to have a 1993 mercury cougar(3.8 engine v6 though), and i always used a 5w30 oil every 3000 with filter change.
This oil is excellent! I sure hope they do not discontinue it! I will be posting a UOA of Motorcraft 10W-40 very soon [Phone]
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