What's different betw these 2 products? (Small DAC

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So what's the deal with this particular DAC? Is it supposed to be of some very high quality? Wondering if my squeezebox would benefit from it. It has a Burr-Brown 24-bit DAC.


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No clue - it says the DAC is a Cirrus, which does have a good reputation. I am planning to use this with the new TV (no analog out, no headphone jack) I have coming, when I use Roku3, which also has no analog audio outs. (Only optical out), so I would use this and probably use the '3.5 mm line out to connect to my usual Yamaha 2.1 PC speakers system (has great sound). OR use that output as a HP out. (I hardly use HPs with TV though). I guess I can use the RCA out and connect even to the main lvg rm amp, but mostly the 2.1 Yamaha system is enough.