what's better?? why??

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Mar 19, 2004
Lakewood, WA USA
Older car, rebuilt motor, only 2K year annual driving, 1x year oil/filter change, almost always run till hot, no "cold/short trips"..1)diesel oil (Delvac or Delo both about $6.79 gallon) or 2) high mileage oil (which brand??), 3) dino or 4) synthetic..Why?? appreciate the inputs??? [I dont know]
Synthetic is allways best. What kind of motor is this? How many miles since it's been rebuilt?
Personally I could never justify putting syn into a 2K mi/yr car unless it was a rare classic or big-bucks. High-mileage often uses better base stocks, but its claim to fame is seal swelling, and your seals are new. Diesel has great detergent/dispersant qualities, but you run only 2K mi/yr and see little condensation or acid build-up since you drive few short trips. Any of these oils will do just fine...but I'd find the "SL" dino that sells for 59 cents after rebate, being the cheap bast*ard that I am. I suspect this would be the most cost-effective choice for ya as well.
Synthetic is allways best
"Best" is a very subjective term. To avoid internal oxidization from sitting, I would shy away from oils containing hydroscopic esters. I'd grab some Havoline and be done with it. [ June 16, 2004, 11:40 PM: Message edited by: Audi Junkie ]
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