What's a good all-around wax that's durable?


Jun 19, 2014
Clermont, Fl
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007 I'm curious as to how long it lasted. In the HOT Alabama sun, un-garaged, I get about 2 months with 845....
I get at least 6 months of protection for a vehicle stored outside in the Florida sun using FK1000 which is amazing for me . Unfortunately, Collinite products only lasted me half that at best. Not trying to sell one product vs. the other but I like it when something actually last. To be clear, by protection I mean water beading as well as looks with crappy reclaimed water being sprayed on my vehicles on a regular basis. I am sure there are much better products out there for looks like those that contain carnuba wax but they just DO NOT hold up. Truth be told I am one of those guys who does NOT wish to detail my multiple vehicles every couple of months! l have also tried Meguiars Ultimate wax as many recommended but just never got the same results when applying to a clean or un cleaned surface!
I've seen several such posts from Floridians. I assume it's the heat, or maybe humidity.
The reason Colonite does not last in Florida on a vehicle stored outside 24/7 is not because its a bad wax but rather because its Carnuba based from what I understand. Carnuba wax breaks under intense heat like that on a cars surface here in the Florida sun especially in the summer. FK1000 is All synthetic.