What're your home thermostat settings?

72 from 4am-10pm
67 from 10-4

78 6am-10pm
76 10-6

Lennox sig series variable speed NG Heat
Lennox sig series 5 ton variable capacity and speed 21 Seer
Merv 16 filter
My thermostat has been off for the last several days. It’s around 61F in the living room right now
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55-60 at night
60F during the day
Turn up to 70F in the morning during a shower turn it back down after I finish

In the past I would leave the home at 50F most of the time and have the heat off altogether when it was warmer than 40F since my house usually stays plenty warm in that type of weather.

Almost never use AC in the summer
Up to me? 74f day / 71f night
Wife likes, 72f day / 69f night

So we compromise 72f day / 69f night
It sounds like you definitely need to look at where $420 in heating to only go as high as 70*F is going. Granted I have a small (1200 sq ft) house in the South, but I don't pay anywhere near that and I'm setting the temperature wherever I feel like it. I'll sometimes switch between heat and ac multiple times a day. I generally keep the temperature between 69-74*F.

My system is a gas/electric "packaged unit" that sits entirely outside the house. It's a common retrofit to houses like mine in the Southeast because it's cheaper than finding room for/putting ducts in for a modern split unit (house had AC originally, but not a good space for modern split setup). Even with 60 year old doors and windows I never pay more than about $200 a month keeping my house as comfortable as I want it, usually much less.
Most of the time the heat is turned off. My apartment stays at about 72deg all the time, summer, winter, day or night. Sometimes I'll open a window in the winter, when it's below 50-deg outside, and I may flip the heat on to warm the place a bit after closing the window.
Winter: 55 day 62 night That's the set points, actual temp varies depending on the wood stove output.
Summer: whatever God wants (unless it's too hot, then 72)