What to gear oil run in mk6 Jetta Diesel. Manual transmission

Mar 9, 2012
USA 🇺🇸
Just took delivery of a 13 Jetta TDI manual transmission. What fluid would you run in the transmission and at what service interval.
If stock power and not tuned, nothing wrong with dealer sourced fluid, OR ANY OTHER BRAND EQUIVALENT GL4 75w MT gear oil.

If tuned, I'd consider going thicker.

VW gear oil visc's have been all over the place over years. Thin trend now is for best MPG and shiftability. The commonality that I recommend is GL4 and full synthetic or MT specific synth blend. Visc depends on you but isn't OE is ~<7cst?

What MT PN was originally required, and what comes up now for your VIN number at the dealer? and how many times has VW superseded it over the years?

Service interval depends on weather, power level, driving style.... 30k for excessive mods, and 50k for normalcy. It is definitely should be addressed now and consider UOA too.

I vote for RedLine MTLV for stock and MTL for modded.
Any mtf is fine. It could be the valvoline or pennzoil stuff thats $10 a quart at autoparts stores or amazon. It'll be just fine. Its viscosity is in the 75w-80 range. If the fluid is half the price then the trans would appreciate you changing it twice as often. Only time I'd use a premium mtf that has pao or esters is when i have to drive it at temps below -20f since that's when regular oils start to struggle.