What leather cleaner/conditioner are ya'll using? How often do you clean and or condition them?

Nov 12, 2020
Chicago, IL
I use chemical guys leather cleaner and conditioner. I do not use a boars hair brush because most of the brushes I've brought, the hair just sheds off. So, I use a microfiber towel to clean the seats and then an applicator pad to condition the seats. I clean and condition the seats every 6 months.
Dont use it on seats but for work, hiking and hunting boots I use Mink Oil. Been using it for 45 years and its still the best, longest lasting waterproofer/conditioner I have found. Its one of the few that keep the stitch lines waterproof too.
I use a mix of Woolite Delicates to water 1 to 10. I use a soft bristle brush and lather it up well, then wipe dry with microfiber. Once dry I apply Leather Masters leather protection cream. Best combo I have used so far. The Leather Masters is more of a coating than a conditioner since 99% of automotive leathers are coated with a vinyl type coating. Your not actually touching any leather when you clean and condition your seats.
For more choices search Leather on this forum. One point that comes up is that a lot of them “Leather” is not actually real leather and responds well to different types of cleaners and conditioners.
Can I use a Mesh sponge to clean the leather seats or would that scratch/harm the leather?

It should be ok. I usually use an applicator sponge/pad one of the round ones that you would like apply wax with normally I’ve used those with no issues.
My favorite is Gliptone Liquid Leather, followed by Lexol. I find the Gliptone, warmed, absorbs more completely and leaves less of a greasy residue but Lexol is very good.

I use Lexol cleaner or a very dilute solution of Woolite but only when I have to.
Can I use a Mesh sponge to clean the leather seats or would that scratch/harm the leather?

So your routine as you described in the original comment is not cleaning the seats good enough?

Are your seats perforated? What make and model of car?