What is your local gas price??

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Apr 24, 2011
Holland, MI USA
Wondering what your local price of gas is. 87 octane, regular, self serve fuel. Here in West Michigan the price jumped this past week up to $3.59 per gallon. It came up from $3.24 or so. Just 3-4 weeks ago we were at $2.99. We have a bunch of Speedway (I call them GREEDway) stations, the price jumps $0.25 to $0.35 at a time. There is an interesting dicussion @ www.thegasgame.com - there is a "Speedway Effect" tab that goes into much more detail about their pricing strategy. Wondering if other areas have seen such an increase recently.
Denver, CO top tier Conoco and Shell is available for around $2.99/gal currently.
Fueled up at $3.07 per gallon CASH last week, $3.17 CREDIT week before that (same price) Low price is now either $3.17 or $3.19; $3.29 at the mainstream spots. Higher at "Shell." (?) The cheap stations are along the back highway, a city-like highway. So its going up... Hope tit stops soon, we had low gas prices for a good little while and we need them to stay there! $60 filled up a tank from "E." That was UNHEARD OF in year past. Would have been more like $80 or $90... EDIT: Seriously thinking of buying stock in ExxonMobil. Wanted to do it back when they first merged. Because they will be profiting for a long time............ The thing is i dont know how to BUY stock.
I saw diesel fuel for $3.75. That makes me question the VW TDI a little bit.. just a little.. id still get one... PA has OK gas price, NY it goes up a little bit, NJ is low, SC is REALLY low, and it varies elsewhere. CA seems high. Hawaii? Fuhgeddaboudit.
3.06 to 3.11 near me, on the Kansas side of the Kansas City metro. County south of me as high as $3.19, but $3.15 seems the norm today. This is after a see-saw week of up and down gas prices near me.
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$3.45 for 87 here. It has jumped at least 15 cents in the last week or so. I think I filled up for $3.29/gal last week.
Is the price jump bad? I hope we dont ride that train all the way up to the $4's again. It happened twice before. frown (Or high $3's. Hit $4.29 a gallon at its worst. OUCH! Scared to look at the price, fear of going up.) $5 gas anyone?
3.19/gal credit for RUG, diesel 3.59. Some places give cash discount. Large variance in prices around too.
Central FL coast $3.29 I filled my Altima up Dec. 27 for $3.11, an hour later I passed by and it was $3.29. I have never seen that big of a jump in the middle of the day before in my life. I had to turn on the radio to see if there had been a major world calamity.
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