What best describes the size of your oil stash?

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Mar 17, 2008
None Enough for top offs Small Alot Huge! I usually have enough for top offs. I buy when oil change time comes.
Its enough for two oil changes on each vehicle. Up here in the great white north, we seldomly get as good a sale selection on oils. Last time I stocked up was on PP when it was on sale with a $5 instant rebate per jug.
Small. I like to keep enough for a couple oil changes. I like having it just in case I decide to change oil in something or a family member needs a change. Same goes for most household products.
Substantial, even for a BITOG reader. 3 ecoboxes of PUP and PP found on Ebay for $110 (PUP) and $90 (PP) with free shipping + 40qts. of various 0w-20, 0w-30, and 5w-30 synthetics bought at $2/qt. during last year's AAP/AZ fire sales. 5-10 filters for each of my 4 vehicles, ranging from Fram Ultras ($4/ea. on Ebay) to OEM Toyota cartridges (<$3.50/ea. on Ebay) to some "Tearolators" for my '95 Dakota, clearance-priced from my local Meijer store during the rebadging for $0.89/ea. I'll use up this stuff---we keep vehicles a long time.
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bought the day before a change. I see no need to stash oil. The only thing I keep around is a couple quarts for top off, or to be used in the mower.
Small. I stay one oil change ahead so I have six quarts put away.
Don't count it have two shelves in the shed when those are full the stash is full. Its overflowing. Keep the filters in the house in the laundry to keep them dry and warm to prevent condensation.
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