We've Reached the Bottom of the Rabbit Hole: What Would You Buy?

I've settled on Fram Ultra & Microgard Select. The only "better" options I'm aware of are Amsoil or Royal Purple and both of those are cost prohibitive and would have to be ordered. In the truck I use either Fleetguard or Donaldson.
I've got my eyes on the Mircogard Select too ... as well as the STP Extended Life. Both are high efficiency extended use filters and ~$10 each. The Microgard available at O'Reilly and STP available at AutoZone.
Wix quality is now low very low.
This is news to me. They used to be highly regarded, but maybe that has changed. I can't speak from experience as I have used Fram products since I began doing my own maintenance 10+ years ago.
What would you buy?

WIX (Mexico): 7.4 oz total unit weight, 3 oz base plate, 44 pleat media (1.9 oz) that is 47" long, louvers, front end bypass, advertised 99% efficiency at 23 microns, $5.09

WIX (USA): 8.6 oz total unit weight, 3.8 oz base plate, 62 pleat media (2.7 oz) that is 49" long, louvers, dome bypass, advertised 99% efficiency at 23 microns, $5.09

Purolator One (blue can): 6.9 oz total unit weight, 3.3 oz base plate, 50 pleat media (no weight available) that is 45" long, advertised 99% efficiency at 20 microns, $6.67 (with rebate)

Microgard Select (Premium Guard rebadge): 11 oz total unit weight, 4.5 oz base plate, 55 pleat media (3.0 oz) that is 55", holes-not louvers, advertised 99% efficiency at 25 microns, $9.99

This was the only data I was able to reliably put together without entirely going off the deep end. There's some variation on the filters, so I'm not sure how scientific this is. But it does raise the question, would you prefer superior (advertised/stated) efficiency at a smaller micron size, beefier build, or preferred features utilized in the design? Or is cost the great equalizer? I've gone deep down the rabbit hole on this. Rationally, I know that it probably makes very little difference, but I just can't seem to help myself. What I do know is that I won't be shelling out $15 for another M1 filter, which is decidedly pretty average. Jury is still out on the new Fram Ultras (probably fine, but who knows). Just figured I'd give you some food for thought while I figure this out.
WIX USA without any question. Made in USA is the most important criteria in any purchase. I'd pay at least the Purolator price for the USA WIX.